PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — Two years and 2,000 miles have brought the family of Mark Phillips Sr. no answers and only more heartbreak.

"It gets so, so overwhelming for me," said Queena Phillips, Mark's sister.

Sunday marks two years since the new father was killed in front of his Paulding County home. On Jan. 13, 2017, Mark and his new wife had just returned home from dinner when a group of men shot and killed him. Mark's wife was the only witness. She told police she couldn't see the suspects' faces.

A vigil was held Saturday afternoon, one year to the day that a man was shot to death in a Paulding County home. No arrests have since been made in the murder of Mark Phillips, 34. For Phillips, his lifelong wish came true just before Christmas 2016.

With little for investigators to go on, the case quickly went cold. A year went by and no justice for the family.

Then, back in April came a tragedy they didn't expect. Sixteen-month-old Mark Phillips, Jr. was beaten to death and his mother's new boyfriend, Antonio Bridges was arrested. Bridges, the boy and his mother had moved from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

Since Bridges was arrested, he's gotten into more trouble. In October, he was charged with attacking a guard at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada.

He'll go on trial for first-degree murder in March.

"That was [Mark's] only son. His first and only son," Queena Phillips said.

But here's where the story takes an unusual turn.

When investigators first spoke with Bridges, he handed them someone else's identification. It was Mark's.

"The question was how did he get the ID? And why is he walking around pretending to be my brother?" Queena asked.

Could this bizarre turn hold the answers to Mark's case? Investigators have asked questions, but the family still doesn't have answers.