ATLANTA — A family continues to push forward with positivity in the wake of their unfathomable loss.

On Tuesday, the mother of Tripp Halstead shared one of the last photos she took of her son before the young boy died March 15.

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Millions had been following the young boy's life after his and his family's life was forever changed Oct. 29, 2012. On that day, Stacy Halstead dropped off her 2-year-old son at a Winder, Ga. daycare and drove to work. At 11 a.m., the phone call came to tell him he had been injured in a freak accident.

In the new post by Stacy, she shared the story behind the photo of Tripp with her mom, "Mimi," where she wrote it had been the most peaceful he'd been for a while.

"I don’t think Tripp could have loved her any more than he did. And I don’t think Mom could have loved him more. They had an extremely special bond," she wrote. "We think Tripp decided his fight was over that night in Mimi’s arms. It was the most peaceful he had been in months."

The mom has been keeping everyone updated in the days since she's lost her son, and Tuesday, she shared the positive news that her mother signed up for the Disney Race for Children’s Hospital in honor of Tripp.

"I didn’t think I could be more proud of my awesome mom, but she has impressed me again," she wrote excitedly. "She is running the 10K with me in memory of Trippadoo. It will be a race we will always remember and we are doing it together. I love my mom so much! I’m sure we will cry together but that’s not unexpected in this family. "

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The family had set an $800 fundraising goal, and, with the help of their millions of followers, quickly blew past that amount.

"I told her that she must have forgotten how important she is to Team Boom," Stacy joked after writing how her mom was paranoid she wouldn't meet the goal. "So thank you in advance for supporting not only Mom/Mimi but our whole family. We love you all!"


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