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South Georgia teen force-fed alcohol, substances before dropped off at ER had faced similar abuse before, police report shows

The father told police that for weeks the teen was visiting the same friends and coming home covered in various substances, a police report details.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Editor's Note: Some viewers may find the content in this story graphic and difficult to read. 

The Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney is now involved in what's being described by family as a gruesome hazing incident that nearly killed a Glynn County 19-year-old. A newly-obtained police report is detailing how often the teen was allegedly abused among what's believed to be the same group and as of Wednesday, police said no one is facing charges.

Police opened an investigation after Trenton Lehrkamp was dropped off by three teens at Southeast Georgia Health Center in Brunswick on March 21 covered in spray paint, intoxicated and unconscious. 

Police said doctors found the teen with high levels of controlled substances and alcohol in his system. According to the police report, his blood alcohol level was .464 -- just shy of six times the legal limit of .08 in Georgia.

In the report from the Glynn County Police Department, which called the incident an assault, an officer also described the teen's clothes "were soaked with urine" and noted he had a bruise on his left shoulder. Lehrkamp could not breathe. He was sedated and put on a ventilator, the records show. 

The police report reveals Lehrkamp's family reported the March 21 incident as "hazing" to dispatch, noting that it happened somewhere on St. Simons Island. 

Authorities opened the investigation into the incident shortly after responding to the hospital, first serving a warrant on March 22 for a home on St. Simons Island where the incident allegedly happened. Officials collected evidence and received more warrants. Investigators also conducted several interviews. As of Wednesday, no arrests have been made.

Watch Wednesday's police update below:

Meanwhile, Lehrkamp's father was at the hospital and told authorities that this was not the first time the 19-year-old was reportedly hurt when visiting at the same home, a police report reveals.

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"Last Friday, on the 17th of March, Trenton came home covered in WD-40, vomit, paint, glue, egg yolk, and spray paint," the officer notes in police records.

Lehrkamp's father added that two weeks prior, the teen had also come home high or drunk and was taken to the emergency room because he has several deep cuts above his left eye that required stitches, the police report detailed.

His father said whenever he visited the same home "he never returns home normal," according to the report. However, his father told officers that the 19-year-old continues to visit because he has no other substantial friendships.

"When Trenton is at (the) house, he is accepted and with people he thinks cares for him," the officer notes in the report. His father admitted to officers that he believes since the boys are younger than Lehrkamp he might think they look up to him, records show, adding that the teen would not defend himself against the boys because since they are minors he thinks he will get in trouble.

11Alive has reached out to Lehrkamp's family for more.

Lehrkamp's best friend Michael Sullins told 11Alive Monday that his childhood friend had been beaten and bullied before being left at the ER.

"It's just sad, it's sickening," Sullins said. "I hope those kids get charged."

A photo circulating on social media -- which 11Alive is not showing due to its graphic nature and depiction of minors who have not been accused of or charged with a crime -- is slowly becoming viral within the south Georgia community. 

Though police said that the videos and images currently being circulated are not believed to be from the incident that prompted the most recent hospitalization, the teen's father said he had other video and photos of the aftermath when Lehrkamp would come home.

In a prepared statement, the district attorney's office said it's "objective is the discovery of the truth and the proper application of the law to those facts." 

"This requires a thorough and complete investigation by law enforcement that does not merely rely upon what is posted on social media," the statement read. "This takes time."

The D.A.'s office said it has met with the law enforcement agencies that are investigating, and it will "continue to communicate with them as they are working to gather all the available facts and evidence," a news release said. "As the facts become known, we are researching criminal statutes and procedures so we can determine what laws are applicable to the facts."

Lehrkamp, who eventually regained consciousness after being dropped off at the hospital, was recently taken off life support on March 26 and was able to speak with police and told officers what happened. A family member said though the teen is no longer on a ventilator he is still battling fevers and a lung infection.

As Lehrkamp recovers, law enforcement and the district attorney's office continue to look into the case.

"We will not make a decision until we know all of the facts and we can determine what can be proven by admissible evidence in a court of law," the district attorney said.

No arrests have been made; no one is facing charges yet in the case.

Police are encouraging those who might know anything to come forward. Anyone who does is asked to call the silent witness program at 912-264-1333 or email the unit at 911silentwitness@glynncounty-ga.gov.


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