EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - It's been quite the six months for a red and white Irish Setter named Cuddy from Rockford.

It all started with a run in the woods outside her home.

“All of a sudden she comes screaming out of the woods and kind of choking. I've never seen her like that,” says Cuddy’s owner, Myrle Croasdale. Myrle says she had no idea what was wrong and that there were no signs of bleeding. That mystery grew when Cuddy started to develop a massive abscess on her neck.

“The abscess was bad and if we hadn't done something we would have had to put her down,” Myrle says. “I just couldn't live with that.” X-rays and months of working with her vet eventually landed Cuddy at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Eden Prairie.

Tests using a special dye discovered a stick, nearly the size of a pen, stuck in Cuddy's neck.

“I was so relieved,” Myrle says. “Finally they found it.”

“The neck has a lot of muscles in it and this was buried fairly deep in there,” says Dr. Andrew Jackson, who treated Cuddy. Dr. Jackson says the stick likely punctured into Cuddy’s neck while she was running through the woods and that the stick couldn’t be felt from the outside and wasn’t detectable on an x-ray.

Cuddy had surgery to remove the stick on Monday and, after a six-month search for answers, is expected to make a full recovery.

“I'm just so relieved that she's going to be getting better and get to do what a dog does,” smiles Myrle.

Dr. Jackson says they see three to five cases like this every year.

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