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Sunflower farm re-opening next month!

Anderson's Farms announced the sunflowers are close to blooming! Here's what you need to know.

CUMMING, Ga. — The summer is here, and the beautiful sunflowers at Anderson's Farms are close to blooming again!

The Cumming, Georgia farm announced that the flowers are "coming along" and are expected to be in full bloom by the middle of July. 

The farm planted the seeds for the bright blossoms back in May.

The Anderson's Sunflower Farm added a new photo.

The farm said they still have to wait for "Mother Nature to work her magic" and will post official opening dates once the flowers get closer to blooming. But once they do bloom, you'll have to act quick - the flowers only last for two weeks.

The Anderson's Sunflower Farm added a new photo.

According to the farm, the fields were originally used for corn and wheat in the 1980s, but after being barren for several years, the owner decided to plant sunflowers. 

Word on the fields slowly got out, and family has kept the tradition going - growing into a "family affair" for folks looking to snap their next family photo and for Instagrammers to find the perfect shot. (Professional photographers, see here for special instructions)

Flowers, local honey, lemonade and other merchandise are also available for purchase. Follow the farm's Facebook for updates. 

Anderson's Sunflower Farm

Address: 3360 Shiloh Road, Cumming, GA
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Admission: $10 per car (cash or check only)