Artist Joseph Guay has assembled a public art installation he has called "The Border Wall" at the corner of 10th Street and Howell Mill Road on Atlanta's West Side.

The structure, built from welded steel, rebar and concrete, weighs more than 25,000 pounds, is 40-feet long and 16-feet high. Guay says it was constructed by hand, using only undocumented Mexican labor workers.

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He says it is modeled after the 2,000-mile long $20 billion wall proposed by the Trump Administration to be built along the US-Mexican border.

Guay says it is designed to create social awareness regarding immigration in the United States.

"The incredible souls that we label as illegals, poor immigrants, the people who want to steal our jobs," Guay said. "Have actually come together to help construct this wall. They believe in showing the world what a dividing wall looks and feels like. They believe in letting the American public know, in a peaceful way, that they are not here to take anything. They are actually here to give and help build our 'United' States."

Guay says that personally he is taking a neutral stance on immigration overall as well as on the border wall itself. He says art must welcome different views, and not control, oppress or block them.

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