DECATUR -- They are lined up and ready to work. The kids at Chapel Hill Elementary School in Decatur are pitching in to plant a garden. It's a first for many of them, including second grader, Jasmine Ward who planted collard greens with her class.

"I liked when we planted. It was so fun. We got messy though but it was still fun."

Lori Manns told 11Alive's Jaye Watson she discovered several things when she went to visit schools. One was that kids didn't get dirty that often..that playing in the dirt had been replaced by playing on screens. The other thing that concerned her was hearing over and over from children who thought vegetables came from cans.

So she founded the non profit Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation. Each year her non profit adopts a school, partnering with Home Depot to plant a garden that everyone works in..and eats from.

Once you see what collards or broccoli really looks like, once you learn where it comes from, it stays with you.

Manns says, "I wanted to give them an experience with food that they wouldn't forget."

In a month and a half, many of these kids who never play in the dirt will get their food out of the dirt, and eat it.

To learn more about Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation, click here.