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There is no grace-period with Georgia's new hands-free law

The new law goes into effect on Sunday, July 1.
A motorist texts while sitting behind the wheel of her car. (Getty Images)

On Sunday, July 1, Georgia's hands-free driving law goes into effect. Many drivers still have questions -- including what can happen if you get caught.

For a lot of drivers, there is going to be quite the adjustment.

Once the law goes into effect, the only time drivers will be able to touch their phones while behind the wheel is to answer or hang up a call. Hands-free means it cannot be in your hand while you are driving.

It is recommended to use Bluetooth or to place the phone on speaker mode while it is mounted. The phone still cannot be used to read or send texts or to record yourself or to use a social media app by drivers.

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You can still use your phone for GPS purposes, using those voice-based GPS apps that read off directions to you like Waze or Google Maps -- provided the address is punched in before you start driving.

Once the law goes into effect, the first time a motorist is caught using their phone behind the wheel, it's a $50 fine and one point off of your license. The second time a motorist is caught, there's a $100 fine and two points. Third time? $150 fine and three points.

Every time, it goes up. If you get 15 points within a two-year period, your license will be suspended. That amounts to five violations of the hands-free law within two years.

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So, with July 1 coming on Sunday, if you are normally one who talks while behind the wheel, you better get the hardware you need because there is no grace period. Officers will begin writing tickets right away.

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