ATLANTA — A driver for Atlanta based UPS has gone 55-years without an accident, setting records while sharing tips on good driving.

There have been close calls for Tom Camp. In fact, his amazing "accident free" run nearly came to an end earlier this year when he avoided the distracted driver who missed a stop sign.

“She hit her brakes and honest to God, you could have put a dollar bill between her vehicle and mine,” says Camp.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude spoke to Camp by Facetime as the 77-year-old prepared for another day on the streets of suburban Detroit.

It was 1962 when Camp joined Atlanta based UPS. More than 55 years have passed without an accident in his big brown truck or his personal car.

Instead, he has plenty of tips for other drivers.

“Make sure you leave space in front of you,” says Camp. “Don't be changing lanes constantly. Try to avoid backing as much as possible. You’ve got to keep your eyes moving all the time.”

In his 55-plus years with UPS, he's driven more than a million miles, roughly the same as traveling to the moon and back twice, or circling the earth at the equator four times.

He's done most of that driving in the slow lane.

“I think most of the accidents on the expressways happen because people are constantly trying to gain one car length, and they'll go over three lanes,” says Camp. “I try to do the speed limit. The most I'll go over is 5 miles-per-hour.”

Tom Camp says the biggest change he's seen over the years is the number of distracted drivers on the road.

At the age of 77, he has no plans to retire from UPS any time soon.