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Transition is focus now that Georgia's governor race is over

Governor-elect Brian Kemp announced the members of his transition committee during a news conference Monday morning.

After a busy weekend in state politics, Governor-elect Brian Kemp plans to announce the members of his transition team.

The contested race between Kemp, a Republican, and Democrat Stacey Abrams officially ended on Saturday when Interim Secretary of State Robyn Crittenden certified the election results.

But Georgia election officials are still preparing for a runoff election on December 4th.

Two statewide races head to runoff

Republican Brad Raffensperger and Democrat John Barrow will face off during a runoff for Secretary of State.

Raffensperger received 49.13 percent of the vote in the general election. Barrow received 48.64 percent of the vote. Libertarian candidate Smythe Duval received 2.23 percent of the vote.

There will also be a runoff for the District 3 Public Service Commission seat.

District 3 covers Fulton, DeKalb, Rockdale and Clayton counties.

In that race, Republican incumbent Chuck Eaton received 49.74 percent of the vote, while Democratic challenger Lindy Miller received 47.60 percent of the vote. Libertarian Ryan Graham received 2.66 percent of the vote to force a runoff.

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Kemp focuses on transition

Kemp held a news conference at 10 a.m. Monday this to announce the members of his transition committee.

In a speech on Saturday, he promised to fight for hard-working Georgians, no matter their zip code.

"The election is over and hardworking Georgians are ready to move forward,” Kemp said. “We can no longer dwell on the divisive politics of the past but must focus on Georgia’s bright and promising future.”

Monday he said he was prepared to do what it takes to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

"All of these folks that are serving on this committee are experienced individuals in these type arenas and we're looking forward to putting forth a great administration that will go to work day one of these issues," Kemp said.

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Abrams to form “Fair Fight Georgia” PAC

Abrams told supporters on Friday that she was out of options for challenging the election results.

She announced plans to form a new political action group called Fair Fight Georgia to push for changes to the election system going forward.

“I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election,” Abrams said during a news conference on Friday afternoon. “But to watch an elected official – who claims to represent the people of this state, baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote – has been truly appalling. So, to be clear, this is not a speech of concession.”

Abrams said she will not support a push by some in entertainment industry to boycott Georgia over her loss and Kemp's win. She said the move would it would only hurt workers, like a hairdresser, grip or gaffer.

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