A viral photo making waves claims Hurricane Florence is lifting sharks out of the ocean making for a real-life Sharknado. Is it true?


It's phony.


The Rush Limbaugh Show at 36:22


All week long Verify has been tracking the rumors and misinformation coming out of Hurricane Florence. A viral photo claims that Hurricane Florence is barreling down the Atlantic coast with live sharks.

Though widely-shared, we can Verify right off the bat, this one is FALSE.

The photo imitates a television breaking news graphic, similar to CNN; however, the photo was created on a site called, "," which does exactly what it sounds like. The same fake photo circulated during last year’s Hurricane Irma.

Sites like these are seriously dangerous, breeding misinformation. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was duped by the doctored picture and reported the photo as fact on September 11.

"Those of you in the target path in North Carolina/South Carolina in addition to the floods, in addition to the cars rolling around on the waters in front of your you might end up with a shark in your front yard," Limbaugh said (at 36:22). "You think I'm making this up?"

So we can Verify, no Hurricane Florence is not barreling sharks towards the Carolina coast.


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