ATLANTA — As we get closer to 2020, expect to hear more about the upcoming census. Some metro residents have even taken to social media with questions over the process.

One Druid Hills resident wanted to know if a so-called census visit was the real thing, posting: "A man said he was here with the census and needed to verify our address….has anyone else had a visit like this?"

To verify, we went straight to the U.S. Census Bureau for answers.

The process is called address canvassing, and according to the Census Bureau, canvassing launched in August across the country with census representatives walking neighborhoods in order to verify addresses that could not be confirmed via satellite software. The special canvassing operation aims to refine the address list ahead of the 2020 census.

There's also a a map to check on affected neighborhoods. But is there a way to verify the person at your door is indeed who they say they are? 

According to the bureau, the census "address listers" will carry special IDs to prove they're with the Census Bureau. Such identification includes special badges, briefcases as well as a laptop with the 2020 census logo. 

The bureau's website confirmed representatives should also introduce themselves as a Census Bureau employee, though if you're not sure, you can even ask for a second source of ID. 

So we can verify, canvassing has begun and there are verified ways to identify census staff. The process expected to continue through October 18.