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VERIFY: Was there a machete attack in Piedmont Park?

A murder in Piedmont Park has sparked rumors of other violent crime in the popular spot. But, Atlanta Police say it's not true.

ATLANTA — The Midtown Atlanta community has been on high alert after the murder of Katie Janness and her dog, at the end of July, in Piedmont Park

Atlanta Police and the FBI are investigating the murder, but no suspects have been arrested. 

Claims online swirled in the wake of the stabbing, including speculation about the gruesome details surrounding Janness' death. 

Now, a claim focuses on the safety of the park. 


Was there a machete attack in Piedmont Park just weeks before the murder of Katie Janness? 


No, Atlanta Police say there has not been a machete attack in Piedmont Park. 


According to a post on the app NextDoor, "A mentally ill man hacked another up with a machete a few weeks ago in the park." 

Our 11Alive VERIFY team took that claim to the Atlanta Police to find out more. 

"Other than the recent murder in the park there was one recent (aggravated) assault with a knife in early July," a Public Information Officer with Atlanta Police said. 

He went on to explain that the aggravated assault on July 4 was someone with a knife and the attack was described as a "poke". The suspect in that case was arrested on scene.

So, according to Atlanta Police, there has not been a machete attack in Piedmont Park. 

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