DECATUR, Ga. — There's a new family living at a DeKalb County home on Lindon Lane.

They don't often come out during the day, but the sun reveals their handy hoof work from overnight.

Michelle Islas met them when she was driving down the street one day, "and that's when we saw them," she told 11Alive. "It was a little family."

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But what she saw stopped her in her tracks, because they were no ordinary neighbors.

"Those are pigs!" Islas exclaimed.

Home surveillance video captured the family – two big ones and three little ones – on one of their nights out. But the distance didn't quite capture their stature, Aaron Masonotti, another resident, told 11Alive.

"They're just big," Masonotti described.

Steve Eifert said he was walking with his wife and dogs a few weeks ago and saw four of the wild boars cross the street to the abandoned home where they live. Eifert said his dogs Bronson and Maggie definitely won't be part of the welcoming committee.

"The dogs went crazy because they're hunting animals and their instincts kicked in," he explained.

Residents said the boars have been chasing their dogs and made many neighbors leery of even venturing outside. What's got them more concerned, though, is the fact that wildlife officials say the boars can carry bacterial infections like brucellosis and tularemia. They can also carry hepatitus E, which can be transmitted through drinking water contaminated with fecal matter. What's more, wild boars are known to rip up yards and destroy property.

11Alive's LaTasha Givens spoke to Georgia Department of Natural Resource officials Monday to find out whether the wild hogs will be trapped. What they told her, on 11Alive News at 6 p.m.