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Do you hear voices coming out of this ghost box?

Have you ever heard something or saw something you think was paranormal, a spirit, or a ghost?
The Georgia Paranormal Files a Metro Atlanta based paranormal investigation team.

Editor's note: This Halloween, digital video field producer Joe Floccari is exploring some of the haunted tales in the metro Atlanta area. These one-man stories are meant to give voice to alleged supernatural tales during this spooky season.

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal? 11Alive’s Joe Floccari met up with a team at the Marietta National Cemetery for an inside look of a paranormal investigation.

“Paranormal activity happens at any time day or night," explains William Hillard a team member with the Georgia Paranormal Files, a paranormal investigation team based in metro Atlanta.

Hillard says most investigations go on at night because at night less people are out, you get less ambient noise or cars to interfere with an investigation.

The team used many devices during the investigation. The “ghost box” was used the most.

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Hillard explained the function of a “ghost box” is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continuously scans the band creating a white noise that the spirits can communicate through.

While in the cemetery, the team made up of William Hillard, Lisa Shackelford, and Christina Kieffer set up their equipment at a grave Hillard said was of a Mason grave and asked questions.

Hillard asked if the story of Norcross, Georgia not being burned down during the Civil War because Masons ran the town. With the use of the “ghost box” you could faintly hear different sounds that could be perceived as a “yes”.

The Georgia Paranormal Files team says travels across the southeast investigating paranormal activity. They will be the first to say they are skeptics too. As Christina Kieffer explains they are looking for hard evidence to prove there is something else out there.

If you you believe or want an investigation done you could go to the team's website or Facebook page.

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