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'The Cult of the Carpet' | An unusual bond unites these Dragon Con fans

This year's parade will even have a section dedicated to them!

ATLANTA — It's a not-so-secret society among lovers of Dragon Con. But, if you haven't been there, you may not know about the carpet that keeps inspiring costumes long after it was ripped out.

For many years, a wild carpet design welcomed Dragon Con fans into the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. The carpet was part of the experience - especially for the two creative souls who made their costumes to look just like it.

When it was torn out in 2015, loyalists salvaged it from the dumpster. There are now fanny packs, fashion backpacks, pins, cakes, cookies, and costumes - so many costumes - from homemade fabric, to honor the crazy pattern.

The items are all over social media. There's even a Facebook group - a subculture of people committed to the memory of hotel carpet.

Fans also barter strips of fabric like in a highly specialized carpet bazaar. They call themselves the "Cult of the Carpet."

The Dragon Con parade will be held over the weekend and there will be a special section devoted to carpet-inspired costumes.


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