HOUSTON – So what happens when a guy who looks and dresses like Joel Osteen goes to a Joel Osteen “night of hope?”

He gets free parking, gets into the venue and poses with Joel fans, of course.

(Watch the video at the bottom of this story.)

That’s what happened on Oct. 28 at The Forum in Los Angeles. The real Houston pastor and his wife Victoria were in California for a night of worship open to the public.

Comedian and Joel-lookalike Michael Klimkowski, with the Dabs Den sketch group, decided to put on a suit and went down to The Forum to see what would happen – with a camera tagging along.
The video (watch below), which has since gone viral on YouTube, shows the fake Joel Osteen being greeted by security. He even poses with fans outside and inside the venue and jokes that he wants something from the cocktail bar.

He politely greets some Houstonians in the crowd, yelling “Go ‘Stros!”

Eventually the gig is up, however, as someone points out that he is an impersonator and security moves in.

Off-camera, a security guard for The Forum (not Joel’s staff, according to Lakewood Church) can be heard threatening the imposter with arrest. He was reportedly let go, however.

(Editor's note: NSFW language toward the end of the video)

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DraaPbsYmJI