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What happened to Emani Moss’ siblings?

While Tiffany Moss starved her 10-year-old stepdaughter to death in 2013, her own children were enjoying Halloween and outings. What happened to those other two innocent children?

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — It’s a question that has dogged everyone watching the Tiffany Moss trial: where are the other children?

Moss was sentenced to death Tuesday after being convicted of starving Emani in Gwinnett County and trying to burn her body to cover the crime. She represented herself throughout the trial but barely spoke a word.

As the trial proceeded and prosecutors introduced evidence about the comfortable life the rest of the Mosses were living, court-watchers and journalists like wondered what happened to the rest of Emani’s family. We finally have answers.

Emani’s half brother and half sister  

Emani was the biological daughter of Eman Moss and the stepdaughter of Tiffany Moss. Shortly after they married in 2010, Eman and Tiffany had two children of their own: a son and daughter.

The court system has kept the identities of the children and their locations secret, as they should. However we do know they are now in a safe and happy place.

“They were adopted by their foster parents and they are doing great,” said Gwinnett Co. District Attorney Danny Porter. "They may never know what happened."

After their parent’s arrests, both biological grandmothers requested custody of them. The court denied those requests and placed the children in the foster care system for a short while, according to Porter.

The children, who went by the names Tristan and Emma at the time, were ages 3 and 1 when their parents were arrested. We asked if they had any memories of the event.

"Tristan (the oldest one) was interviewed, and there were memories," said Porter. "But we made the choice that we were not going to bring him in and make him testify. I don't want to win a case so bad that I was going to bring that little boy in and make him relive it. I just wasn't going to do it."

The two are being raised as siblings.

Emani’s biological mom

The court tells 11Alive News Emani’s biological mother surrendered her parental rights shortly after the little girl’s birth. Sources tell us she had five children and surrendered parental rights to all of them. She never had anything to do with Emani and the little girl’s father served as her sole parent.

Eman Moss, Emani’s biological father, is serving a life sentence without parole for his role in his daughter’s murder.

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