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Why do we get so much junk mail?

Our mailboxes grow fat with bulk mail this time of year

ATLANTA — As we prepare to fill up on Thanksgiving turkey, our mailboxes are growing fat with an onslaught of deliveries we don’t want or need.

It’s hard to keep your mailbox in shape when it’s feeding on a steady diet of junk.

In the retail world, it’s known as bulk mail or direct mail. Most of us call it junk mail.

 We complain about it, we toss it in the garbage, but it keeps coming.

Let’s explore why we get so much junk mail.

The Georgia Retailers Association says it works. A spokesperson says the cost to produce mailers can be minimal, but a 2 to 3% response rate can more than pay for the expense.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mailers produce a 4.4% percent response rate that, the association claims, is more successful than online ads.

“Marketing studies show that marketing mail provides the best return on investment per advertising dollar,” says Rick Badie, spokesperson for the United States Postal Service.

You can add your name and address to the Do Not Mail lists that are available. Businesses typically won’t spend the money to send mailers to people who don’t want it, but there’s no law telling them they have to stop.

The United States Postal Service has something called Informed Delivery that allows you to see images of some mail coming your way before it arrives.

It won’t let you stop the junk mail, but you won’t be surprised by it.


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