MARIETTA, Ga. — Police said a woman was killed after getting pinned in a New Year's Eve chain-reaction crash involving five cars, one of which dove off.

It all started after police said 27-year-old Kristin Stilner lost control of her Honda Accord while driving north on I-75. Authorities said her car spun around to face the wrong direction, but while she was trying to move her car from the roadway, 38-year-old Candace Brown's Toyota Corolla collided with Stilner's.

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At that point, authorities said Stilner got out of the car and walked to the median wall, but while standing there, her car was hit by another two vehicles. In the course of the crashes, police said she became pinned between a car and the median wall.

Emergency responders transported her to Kennestone Hospital, but she died from her injuries. All other drivers involved in the crash were also transported with non life-threatening injuries.

Police said a final Ford F-150 was also involved in the accident but didn't stay at the scene. It was last seen getting off the Interstate at exit 267A or 267B.

If anyone witnessed the collision, or has information on the truck that drove off, they're asked to contact police at 770-794-5357.


On Jan. 3, police said they were able to locate the driver of the Ford F-150, and were able to gather new information from witnesses related to the crash.

According to Marrietta Police, Stilner's car hit the truck from behind while driving on I-75. That caused her to lose control of her car, starting the chain reaction crash described above.

Police said the driver of the truck then exited the Interstate at 267A, Canton Road Connector, where he checked his car for damage. He saw minimal damage and concluded that it wasn't enough to file a police report.

After learning about the severity of the crash, and that police were looking for him, the driver contacted Marietta Police to report he'd been involved in the crash.

Authorities impounded his truck from his home in Tennessee for an inspection, but they later determined the driver would not face criminal charges.