An epic fail: the words of a loyal Delta customer about her favorite airline.

Five days after the big power outage shut down everything at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, including baggage claim, Delta still had not produced her checked luggage.

Delta said Friday that all but about 200 of the thousands of backed-up bags had been delivered, as of midday Friday, to passengers since Sunday's power-failure. And most of the 200 bags that were left had inaccurate or unverifiable addresses, so Delta was still trying to reach the passengers to figure out where they want the bags delivered.

But none of the returned bags, as of early Friday afternoon, included Jodi Moss's suitcase. So, where did it go?

“It was a terrible scene,” Moss recalled, speaking of the airport during the power outage. And at first she was glad, on Sunday--as she found her way through the dark, powerless, busiest airport in the world--that everyone was safe, and she was back home in Atlanta.

The next question: what about her suitcase?

“It was one, large suitcase because I was gone for about 8 days, so it has my whole life in it,” Moss said.

And Delta Air Lines had promised her right away that they would deliver it to her home.

“I was hoping that the next day, I'd have the bag delivered to me,” Moss said.

But no suitcase came on Monday--Delta hadn't found it, yet. Then, on Tuesday night, Delta texted Moss the good news: the baggage folks had found her suitcase--it was “scanning in ATL.”

The bad news: “There are no delivery windows for ATL at this time.”

Then, Delta referred Jodi to a website that was tracking her suitcase.

“It's called,” she said.

And the website showed that the suitcase was ready for delivery Wednesday, but there was no delivery driver, yet.

And which delivery service had her suitcase? Moss said she was unable to find out from the website, and Delta didn't know.

“And they don't know what company has my bag,” Moss said. “Therefore, I can't go directly to wherever my bag is and pick it up.”

11Alive called Delta Friday, and a Delta spokesperson said then that, yes, out of thousands of backed-up bags due to the airport power outage, by Friday most had been delivered. He also said he would check on Jodi Moss's suitcase.

And, at 3 p.m. Friday, Jodi's bag suddenly appeared at her door in Atlanta.

That's the good news. But it had been sitting in the pouring rain, somewhere. Everything inside was soaking wet--clothes and other personal items were smelling of mildew, and ruined.

This loyal and frequent Delta flyer, who is glad that everyone is safe from the airport power outage, hopes she never has to check a bag on Delta again.

“I know it's an unexpected circumstance, but, honestly, they're a big enough company to react to this in a professional and efficient manner,” she said.

Delta's public relations person emailed us minutes after her bag had been delivered to her to say that she now had it.

We then explained that everything in it was destroyed from being out in the rain.

Delta emailed us again late Friday afternoon to say that the Customer Care team would be in touch with Moss immediately, and personally.