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Woman who made viral video telling people she gave them HIV now says she doesn't have it

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter is being investigated by police over the incident.

AMERICUS, Ga. — Brandi Yakeima Lasiter, the woman who made a viral video telling past sexual partners she had HIV and had transmitted it to them, now says she does not have HIV.

According to the Americus Police Department, after they began an investigation against Lasiter, she told police she is not HIV positive and “made the video because she was angry at the people she named.”

Police said Lasiter provided a Sept. 2018 HIV test that was negative, and has “voluntarily submitted to a current blood test.”

The department said the results of that test will determine if she faces charges in the incident.

In the original video, a copy of which had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube,  Lasiter named several men and some of their partners, telling them she’d given them HIV.

“Motherf****** play with me, I told ya, I’m a evil motherf*****,” Lasiter says in the video. “I’m evil as hell. I get real nasty and evil. Yeah.”

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One of the men named in the video filed a complaint of “harassing communications” against Lasiter.

Under Georgia law, it is illegal to knowingly attempt to transmit HIV.

Georgia Code 16-5-60 makes it a felony and allows for as many as 20 years in prison if a person who knows they are infected with HIV, “knowingly engages in sexual intercourse or submits to any sexual act … and the HIV infected person does not disclose to the other person the fact of that infected person’s being an HIV infected person prior to that intercourse or sexual act.”

In this roughly one minute video, Lasiter goes on to brag about revenge and wanting to watch the men suffer.

"I always get the last laugh," she said. "I'm going to watch y'all die."

11Alive spoke with Major Herman Lamar with the Americus Police Department. He said if Lasiter does have HIV and knowingly infected others, she'll face serious charges. Even if it ends up being a hoax, she'll still likely face lesser charges.

"It is quite alarming to anyone in any community and we asked everyone to - if you are going to engage in risky behavior - to also practice safe sex," Lamar said.

According to HIV.gov, one in seven people infected with HIV don't know they have it. AIDSVu reports that roughly 51,000 people in Georgia are living with HIV based on 2016. That's about 602 people per 100,000.


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