DECATUR, Ga. — A woman’s car was stolen right out of her babysitter’s driveway while she was picking up her child.

The woman said while she was picking her child up from daycare on Thursday at a home on San Gabriel Avenue, her car was taken.

"I looked outside and it was my car, backing out of her driveway," Venus Moran said.

Surveillance video from a home across the street caught the suspects getting into and driving off with Moran's sedan. Two men can be seen circling the car and peeking in the windows before jumping in an peeling off.

"I screamed," Moran told 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross. "I couldn't chase them, I didn't have a car or anything."

In seconds, the car was gone.

"They plotted everything," she said. "They were ready."

Moran filed a report, but police said these types of crimes – called puffing, because thieves can see the puffs of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe – spike as soon as temperatures drop. They say, even though it's cold, it's not worth leaving it running, even for a second without you in it.

Moran is urging everyone to heed police's warnings.

"Be careful and look at your surroundings. And always take your keys out of the car," she urged.