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Aaron Rodgers takes a shot at Chick-fil-a and Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Is that the best you got, Aaron?

ATLANTA -- Aaron Rodgers knows the Green Bay Packers have their work cut out for them this Sunday.

The Packers (1-0) face the Atlanta Falcons (1-0) in the first regular season game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Falcons' new $1.6 billion stadium. There's that uphill battle, plus the fact the Packers lost to the defending NFC Champions twice last year.

When Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, met with the media this week, he was asked right away about the challenges of playing in a new stadium.

"It’s going to be electric. Sunday Night Football in a new stadium, I think they’ve played one college game there so far. It’s going to be great," Rodgers said.

Then came his jab with a smirk: "It’s too bad Chick-fil-a is not going to be open, but it’s going to be exciting."

Anyone else tired about hearing about the Chick-fil-a? Yes, we know it's closed on Sundays, but there are plenty of other events in the stadium not on Sundays.

Rodgers also made a comment about the retractable roof, which is scheduled to be open on Sunday Night.

"I thought I heard something about the issue with the roof that they couldn’t open it this year. I could be wrong. Am I wrong? I heard they’re kind of stuck in place," he said.

No, technically he's not wrong. But it supposedly works now and is automated. So way to cling onto some old storylines, Rodgers.

There's no way Rodgers could spin the talk about Matt Ryan into anything negative, however.

Ryan, who is the reigning NFL MVP, threw for a combined seven touchdowns against the Packers last season. Rodgers doesn't anticipate a new offensive coordinator causing any snags for the Falcons.

"He played so damn well last year," Rodgers said of Ryan.

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