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Who is the owner of the Atlanta Braves?

It's not quite as simple as there being one individual owner.

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves are headed to the World Series after finishing off the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday night with a 4-2 win to win the NLCS 4-2, as well. It's the first time in 22 years the Braves will appear in the Fall Classic.

The last time they were there capped a decade where the Braves were one of baseball's most successful signature teams - they appeared five times in the World Series, and won the 1995 championship.

Back then, they were practically synonymous with their owner, Ted Turner. The new ballpark built for the 1996 Olympics was even named for him - Turner Field.

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But Turner sold the team back in 2003, and the ownership situation is a little bit different these days. When you think of a sports owner, you tend to think of a single individual with a controlling stake in the team who acts, in many ways, as one of the faces of the franchise - like Turner.

That's not really how it works for the Braves.

After a brief period of time when AOL Time Warner owned the team following a purchase from Turner (2003-07), the Braves have been owned by Colorado-based Liberty Media.

The communications and mass media conglomerate owns significant stakes in a number of companies you've heard of - probably the most notable among them being SiriusXM, the satellite radio provider. They also own a significant stake in the LiveNation concert production company.

As far as sports goes, Liberty also owns Formula One in addition to the Braves.

The most senior official at the Braves, who answers to the Liberty Media Board, is Terry McGuirk - the team's chairman and CEO. 

He spoke on the podium on Saturday night as the team received their NL Championship trophy, and as much as anyone with the team speaks on behalf of Liberty Media, it's him.