11Alive's Christie Ethridge is on a bus riding cross-country to the Rose Bowl with 55 other die-hard fans. They left at about 8:30 pm on Friday and, for the most part, are traveling straight through until they reach Pasadena.

Here's the updated story on their trip:

Day two

About 10 hours into our bus ride, we made our first stop, waking up before the sun in Shreveport, La.

Unless, of course, you never went to sleep.

Around 6:30 this morning, we welcomed our new driver, Mr. Willie, on board.

“Everybody's on?,” he said. “We're like 3 ½ hours behind schedule.”

It was his job to make up a little time, but before we could even hit the open road, we stopped again … because of a flat tire.

Luckily, another bus wasn't far away, so all 55 passengers unloaded and transferred its luggage.

After painting a local McDonald's red and black for a little breakfast, it was back on the road again.

Day one

Two of the people on the bus have never been to a Georgia game before.

Kevin and Anthony have lived in Georgia for 23 years, and they've been Georgia fans for just as long.

"And you've been fans all your life?" Ethridge asked.

"Oh yeah," Anthony replied.

But you've never been to Sanford Stadium?

They shake their heads "No."

Yet here they are -- on a bus with 55 other fans -- bound for Pasadena to go to the "Granddaddy of Them All."

"Sounds crazy that we couldn't make a two-hour drive, but we can make a 36-hour drive," said Anthony.

Life-long UGA fans Kevin and Anthony have never been to a Bulldogs game before, but they're making the cross-country bus trip to the Rose Bowl

They've been to plenty of other games -- the NFL, MLB, even the Super Bowl! But when it comes to Georgia, the living room is as far as they get.

"The funny thing is I usually go over to his house," said ------. "He and I have been best friends for awhile."

Lifelong fans and lifelong friends, now making the trip of a lifetime together.

"It's one you can't pass up, no matter how long the bus ride is," Anthony said.

"Yeah, we're excited. It's huge," Kevin agreed.

So far, only one regret.

"I regret bringing my bigger pillow, because it barely fits in between the seats, so we're gonna have to figure something else out," Kevin said.

Anthony and Kevin will be in the end zone during the game -- they'll be the ones holding the big white flag.


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