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Caretakers of Uga explain history of Georgia mascot line

Since 1956, the Seiler family has owned and cared for all of Georgia's mascots, starting with Uga I, Hood's Ole Dan.

ATLANTA — Georgia's current line of pure white English bulldogs, known as the "Uga" line, has spawned the team's beloved four-legged mascot for the past six decades.  

As the Georgia Bulldogs prepare for Monday's College Football Playoff National Championship game against Texas Christian University, Uga X will watch from the Seiler home in Savannah. 

Uga X, known as Que, is the latest bulldog to represent the university and has served the team since 2015. One of the most recognizable mascots in college sports will not be at this final game.

Que's caretakers, the Seiler family, said the cross-country flight would be tough for the English bulldog. 

"It's too far for him to go," said Charles Seiler. "Now the dog's nine and a half and there's no way we could have put him through that," he said. 

To bring the game day experience to Que, CESAR, the dog food company, made sure to send him a worthy spread.

Charles Seiler explained Que is a healthy dog but is getting older. 

Since 1956, the Seiler family has owned and cared for all of Georgia's mascots, starting with Uga I, Hood's Ole Dan

According to UGA, it started when Charles Seiler's mother, Cecelia Seiler, was given the very first Uga by a friend during the first game in the home opener.

Charles Seiler's parents were students at UGA in the late 50s when they decided to take their bulldog to a Georgia game, prompting a call from former coach Wallace Butts. 

"Coach Butts looked my dad in the eye and said, Sonny, we like what you did. Can you have him at every game? And that's how it started," said Charles Seiler. 

The Seiler family is prepared to continue Georgia's line of pure white English bulldogs. According to the family, there are two possible candidates that will take over the "Uga" line after Que. 

"One, the youngest dog, is named Boom. He's six months. But we also have one about a year old, and his name's Mac. And they're both great dogs," explained Charles Seiler. 

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