You must admit, UGA has some pretty dedicated fans when it comes to football.

One of those die-hard fans is Clark Hurst who loaded up his Georgia scooter and headed west to support his Alma Mater in the Rose Bowl.

Hurst started his #redemptionride at Sanford Stadium in Athens on Dec. 21 as he prepared to ride his scooter to Pasadena, California. If you didn't know, it's over a 2,240-mile ride from Sanford Stadium to the Rose Bowl.

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“It's here [at Sandford Stadium] that foundations are built, so we can go there [Pasadena, California] and take what is rightfully ours. Go Dawgs,” Hurst said in his first video.

Hurst has been posting his adventure on his YouTube page, Powered By Scooter. On Christmas, Hurst spent the holiday in Sam Houston National Forest where he said it was a cold day in Texas.

Along his journey, he has made friends and even eaten at a fair share of the south's finest establishment, Waffle House.

As of Dec. 28, Hurst posted a video saying he had to change the fluid in his scooter (for the second time) in Alpine, Texas.

“We're making a run for New Mexico and we're coming down to it,” Hurst said. “Remember, just like Herschel [Walker] said, 'if you train hard, not only will you be hard, you'll be hard to beat.”

Of course, he ends his video with a classic 'Go Dawgs.'

Here's to safe travels as Hurst only has a few more days to reach Pasadena.

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