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Here's why UGA's iconic Bulldog mascot won't be making it to the National Championship

Uga X will be proudly cheering on the Dawgs from his home in Savannah.

ATLANTA — The most iconic University of Georgia bulldog will not be in Los Angeles Monday for the CFP National Championship game.

When UGA takes on Texas Christian University, Uga the beloved Bulldog mascot will be watching from his home in Savannah.

The Seiler family said Uga X, known as "Que," is 9 years old and the cross-country flight would be tough for the English bulldog. The breed's lifespan is typically eight to 10 years.

"While there were several options available for Uga to attend the game, in the end, the distance and travel time involved made it problematic for him to make the cross-country trip," a spokesperson with the athletics department said, adding that Uga will be there in spirit.

According to the university, UGA's mascot has been in the Seiler family for around half a century. The Seilers have a long history with the university and are known as some of the team's oldest fans.

Uga is sure to wear his jersey proudly Monday as the Dawgs take on the Horned Frogs at 7:30 p.m.

Fun facts about Uga

How to pronounce Uga?

Uga's name is UGA pronounced phonetically. Fans are encouraged to cheer on the live mascot by chanting his name "Ugg-uh."

How many Ugas are there?

Right now, one. 

But technically, "Que" is Uga X -- the tenth Uga mascot to stand on the sidelines to represent the Bulldogs on the field. 

How much does Uga weigh?

The bulldog is somewhere around 50 pounds and a foot tall, according to reports. 

Though 50 pounds could sound like a lot, it's actually pretty standard for the English bulldog breed.

One of his predecessors, Uga VI was one of the heaviest dogs in the lineage, weighing in at 65 pounds.

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How old is Uga?

Uga X is nine years old - that's 63 in dog years.

His breed typically lives between eight to 10 years. 

According to veterinarians, bulldogs who take it easier can have a longer lifespan. 

Uga is said to have a decent diet of dry food and takes his walks on the field. He often sits in his air-conditioned dog house in Sanford Stadium and even catches a ride to the games in his Victory Red Suburban. You can spot his sweet ride by the personalized license plate.

Thankfully, he can also share some of his mascot duties with Hairy Dawg, the costumed mascot of the team.

Is Uga a celebrity?

Truly in more ways than one.

From Athens to Atlanta, Uga is probably the most iconic bulldog in Georgia -- and he's had his brush with national fame as well.

Uga graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine in 1997. He was also named the No. 1 mascot in all of college football by the magazine in 2019.

And sure, his adorable nose and smiling face have been plastered on national television during the college football season but Uga has also made it to the big screen.

Well - not Uga X, but Uga V has.

According to the university's alumni association, Uga V made a cameo in the 1997 film "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" where he had several scenes with John Cusack's character walking through Forsyth Park. Considering Uga X is a descendant of Uga V, that basically makes him a modern-day nepotism baby -- but like, in a good way.

Uga could be a two-time champion

Uga is the second live mascot to preside over a national championship - and on Monday he could make history as the only dog in his lineage to see UGA win the title twice.

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