Baker Mayfield has some interesting pre-game antics.

The Heisman Trophy winner had several incidents before games this season, and before the Rose Bowl against the Georgia Bulldogs, he decided to warm up and run routes on the Georgia side of the field.

Typically, the two teams stay separated before the game. But Mayfield was in Georgia's end zone.

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Georgia's receivers didn't appreciate it and were waiving him off.

UPDATE: In the second quarter, the Sooners ran a trick play that involved Mayfield running out and one of his receivers throwing to him in the end zone for a touchdown.

CeeDee Lamb got the ball off the reverse and threw 2 yards to Mayfield as Georgia's defense tried to pursue Lamb. The touchdown put Oklahoma up 31-14, and the Bulldogs got a field goal before halftime on the next drive.

The touchdown happened to be in the same end zone Mayfield was running routes during pregame.

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