Pierce Wallace dresses up like the Joker for every Georgia game, and it just so happens he's riding on the same bus as our reporter Christie Etheridge, as they make their way across the country to the Rose Bowl.

“I just try to go as crazy as possible!,” Wallace said, in his Joker voice.

Wallace morphs between talking in character and out, even when his face isn't painted white.

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“I love the Dawgs,” he said. “That's all it is. My first true love in life was Georgia football.”

You can find him on the first row on Sanford Stadium's student side in the iconic green wig with the rest of the Georgia spike squad.

“I dressed up as the Joker because in high school I was known as the kid who quoted Batman endlessly,” he said.

He's graduated college, but the tradition lives on, at least through the Rose Bowl.

“You will see me there, right in section 10L, front row,” he said. “And I will be dressed up in full force.”