If you're holding a paper ticket for the national championship football game Monday night, we have bad news for you. It's a fake!

Only electronic tickets that can be scanned will be allowed.

“They're really cracking down on this because it's such a big game,” said UGA Senior Rebecca Friedman, who is anxiously waiting for her ticket.

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“We haven't gotten them yet,” said Friedman. “They're sending them to us on our phones, and they're actually completely electronic. We have to download an app to get them and they'll be sent to us through the app.”

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Friedman was one of 500 students lucky enough to win a free ticket through the lottery at UGA, but even people who buy their tickets full price will have to scan in.

College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock wants people to be careful.

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“If someone sells you a paper ticket, don't buy it. It will not get you in to the game,” he said. “We went to the mobile tickets for that reason, to help eliminate fraud. So, buyer beware on tickets.”

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