The rain put a damper on one of the biggest sporting events in the southeast this weekend: The Folds of Honor 500 NASCAR race.

The race always brings thousands of people to Atlanta Motor Speedway and millions of dollars to the metro Atlanta.

On a sunny day, the parking lot is usually packed with more than 100,000 die-hard NASCAR fans (and at least as many coolers full of cold drinks). But only half of that is guaranteed during this time of year, when Atlanta weather can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other in an instant.

Such was the case this weekend, as a strong rain system moved through Sunday morning, causing NASCAR officials to delay the start of the race.

But 11Alive's Christie Ethridge spoke to fans who said they'd gladly endure a little rain, even though the south metro Atlanta track has a history of bad weather.

"The weather is usually like this. I’d say more of the times that I’ve been here it’s raining," said Trevor Connell. The NASCAR fan has been visiting Atlanta Motor Speedway since he was 12, and he knows races at the track have a history of tricky weather.

"If it’s in March, it’s either going to be rainy, or it’ll be sunny one day and freezing at night," Connell joked. "You get every part of the weather cycle here."

There's a perfect race weather guarantee, but it only goes into effect if the temperature is below 50 degrees or if the race is postponed before a fan's ticket is scanned. But the loyal ones said there's always something to see, no matter what the weather brings.

"They’ve got the jet dryers out there. They will go around blowing them down with literally a big jet on the trailer, so that’s always cool to see, too, on a rainy day," Connell said. "If you can’t see a race, then at least you could see a big jet blowing off the track."