The top six teams of this week's Amway Coach Poll are unchanged from last week, including No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia.

After moving up to No. 3 last week, the Bulldogs stayed there thanks to a bye week. The Bulldogs face the Florida Gators next week in Jacksonville.

Notre Dame jumped up six spots to get into the top 10. They beat USC at home on Saturday 49-14 to move up to No. 10.

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The Trojans suffered the biggest drop, going down 11 spots to No. 21.

Michigan still remains in the top 25, despite a big loss to Michigan State, who moved up one spot to No. 18. Michigan fell 10 spots to No. 25.

Here is this week's Amway Coaches Poll:

PHOTOS | Amway Coaches Poll week 9

1. Alabama

2. Penn State

3. Georgia

4. TCU

5. Wisconsin

6. Ohio State

7. Clemson

8. Miami

9. Oklahoma

10. Notre Dame

11. Washington

12. Oklahoma State

13. Virginia Tech

14. South Florida

15. N.C. State

16. Washington State

17. UCF

18. Michigan State

19. Auburn

20. Stanford

21. USC

22. West Virginia

23. Texas A&M

24. LSU

25. Michigan