MARIETTA, Ga. -- Two high school football players from Parkview knelt during the national anthem before their quarterfinal match-up at McEachern on Friday.

They are the first known high school football players from Georgia to protest during the anthem. Teams from Georgia are typically in the locker room during national anthems. However, there was an apparent delay beforehand.

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Officials could be seen trying to signal to the press box to announce the anthem. Meanwhile, Parkview players were coming onto the field.

When the anthem began, two players knelt next to each other and continued to kneel for the duration. The rest of the team stood and some players were even holding American flags. Both players participated in the game.

Parkview Athletics declined to comment about the protests.

There has never been an incident made public in which high school football players have knelt in Georgia during the anthem. However, there have been reports of coaches kneeling in the past. Players from other sports have also protested.

There are no rules regarding players and the national anthem from the GHSA. However, it does state the national anthem should not occur less than 10 minutes before kickoff.

Parkview lost the game to McEachern 43-28.