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'A movement in sports history' | Travis Hunter's commitment to Jackson State could change football recruitment

Many are calling the high school-athlete a cultural hero.

ATLANTA — In a moment that stunned fans across the country, Travis Hunter of metro Atlanta's Collins Hill High School decided to pass on the resources and exposure of a Power Five program like Florida State University. Instead, he commit to Jackson State University, and HBCU. Many are calling the high school-athlete a cultural hero.

Following the announcement, Hunter posted on Twitter that part of the reason he chose Jackson State was because "historically black colleges and universities have a rich history in football." The athlete added that he wanted to be a part of that history and that future. 

On Wednesday, Hunter told 11Alive that he also wanted to play for the FSU legend and former NFL star, Deion Sanders, who is now the head coach at JSU. 

“I got one of the lifetime chances to play for one of the greats. And also I got a chance to make a change in history,” said Hunter.

The decision prompting hundreds of thousands of reactions on social media with some ranging from shock to praise including the legend himself, Deion Sanders.

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Sanders shared a video of the acceptance, which was posted on social media by 11Alive’s Maria Martin, with the caption "I believe."

Morehouse College Athletic Director Curtis Campbell, said it’s an exciting time to be a part of programs with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“There’s a comradery between HBCUs, there’s a mutual respect there because we know what we all go through and have to deal with. So, it does make me happy for Jackson State and I think it will be positive for all HBCUs,” added Campbell.

On Thursday, Sanders tweeted that Hunter's decision to attend JSU "marked a movement in SPORTS HISTORY."

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Campbell said he believes this move could forever change the landscape of football recruitment at HBCUs.

“I hope it’s a trend where more young men consider HBCU’s to play collegiate sports," he said. "I think how this young man plays in the NFL playing at Jackson State – I think that opens more doors. I think four years from now, we’ll see how this plays out. Hopefully it’ll play out in a positive way."

"I think if it does, we’ll see more and more students choosing to go to HBCUs,” said Campbell.

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