There's a new "challenge" going on out there.

It's called the #DriveByDunkChallenge. It's pretty simple. You're driving, you see a basketball hoop, you stop the car, get out, dunk, get the ball, and drive off.

NBA stars, including Anthony Davis and Georgia's own Jaylen Brown, are some of the latest to do it.

Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari has already done it, proving to all those recruits out there he's still hip.

However, they don't always go right. Andrew Leonard, whose Twitter says he attends Central Arizona College, tweeted a video of him doing the challenge. When he dunked, he ended up breaking the hoop.

Warning: This video includes inappropriate language some may not find suitable.

So beware, if one day you walk out and your hoop is damaged, it could have something to do with one of these drive by's.

Leonard just ran away. But you never know if it's staged or he went back and took care of it later.

So get ready to see an annoying number of videos posted of this challenge, good and bad.