ATHENS, Ga. — Vince Dooley is long overdue for Georgia's football field to be named after him.

11Alive's Wes Blankenship and UGA insider Radi Nabulsi share their favorite memories of Coach Dooley and more on this week's Georgia Game Week edition of Look Alive Podcast.

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The Dawgs are 49-point favorites vs. Murray State. Whoa. Other than that, Radi and Wes Blankenship talk about Vince Dooley, why Georgia's domination of Vanderbilt didn't impress UGA fans, and why you can't compare Jake Fromm to Justin Fields. Featuring interviews with D'Andre Swift, Demetris Robertson, and Kirby Smart.

Also on the episode:

Demetris Robertson's coming out party - 15:48

Why D'Andre Swift was upset, even after a 147-yard rushing day - 23:00

Why you gotta stop comparing Jake Fromm to Justin Fields - 35:00

Georgia plans to do something in recruiting that no one has ever done - 29:06

What's going on with the Dawgs' Havoc Rate - 47:00

Vince Dooley Story Time - 57:16