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Masters: You make the call ... did Zach Johnson warrant a do-over on this tee-box shank?

Instant replay shows Johnson's ball awkwardly clanging from the club head to the tee box ... to just a few yards away.

Here's something you may never see again from a professional golfer.

For Friday's round at The Masters, Zach Johnson – the 2007 champion of this very tournament – received a do-over from an errant swing at the tee box ...with the ball traveling a grand distance of roughly 7 feet.

How did Johnson warrant the mulligan?

Recent rules allow golfers to seek a do-over on mishits, where there was no intention to strike the ball.

Golf.com's Jeff Ritter confirmed this to be true around 1:45 p.m. EST, via text message.

Here's something neither Ritter nor anyone watching on TV can explain, though: 

If Johnson's club head had been fractionally separate from the ball, how does this not count as an actual swing? 

It's not like his fellow golfers, standing adjacent, had the perfect vantage point and can confirm Johnson's original desire to make it a practice swing-only.



Check out the super slo-mo replay here: The ball awkwardly clangs from the club head to the tee box ... to just a few yards away; and notice how Johnson takes a few steps toward retrieving the ball, before seeking relief from his playing partners.

It would be one thing if Johnson had clearly been standing out of the ball's range, and then lost control of his grip during the swing follow-through. 

But by all accounts, Johnson appeared to be focused on the hit ... only to be stunned by its lack of distance.

At the very least, every weekend duffer can now relate to Johnson, despite the 26 professional victories and millions of dollars in the bank. 

We've all been there with shanks or even whiffs at the tee box.