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Astros fan who found Jorge Soler World Series home run ball says offers for it are as much as $1M

Now their biggest decision is what to do with the ball knocked out of the park by Braves' outfielder Jorge Soler in the 3rd inning.

HOUSTON, Texas — Two Astros fans may be cashing in on the Atlanta Braves’ World Series victory.

During the 3rd inning of Game 6, Braves’ outfielder Jorge Soler hit a bomb that gave the Braves a 3-0 lead over the Astros.

The home run ball flew out of Minute Maid Park and was found by a couple of brothers watching the game across the street. Manuel and Richard Ramos call it the "Million Dollar Moonshot."

The ball has a mark where it was blasted by Soler, putting the Braves up 3-0.

“We’re able to hear the radio say there’s a long shot toward left field. It’s going," Manuel said. "Of course, the roof is open and then we see the ball kind of sailing over slowly. It made a big kerplunk there here on the left field awning.”

To their amazement, the ball would roll onto the sidewalk and sit there for eight minutes.

“My brother was beside me on the balcony. The next thing you know he’s gone," Richard said.

He said Manuel had bolted from the sixth floor balcony of the 500 Crawford Apartment’s sports lounge and ran down six flights of stairs.

“I’m looking down and he’s running towards the ball," Richard said.

“So I went down there, went through kind of an opening down there and was able to get the ball,” Manuel added. “Yes, definitely as soon as I had the ball in my hand I was in total disbelief. I could not believe it.”

He said some people were cheering him on.

Others were chanting for him to throw the ball back.

The Ramos brothers are bummed by the 7-0 score at the end of the game but they ended up with a piece of World Series history.

“That home run devastated us but it also excited us at the same time by getting this ball.” Richard said.

Now their biggest decision is what to do with the ball. They say they've gotten some mind-blowing offers.

“Some numbers have been thrown around anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million,” Manuel said.

It’s a crazy amount of money for a priceless adventure between two brothers and diehard Astros fans.

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