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'I think he’s a face-of-the-franchise type guy' | Matt Olson's high school coach discusses player's Atlanta Braves signing

Olson’s new contract is viewed with some mixed emotions by Braves fans.

ATLANTA — Georgia native Matt Olson is officially signed to the Atlanta Braves, and is replacing longtime first baseman Freddie Freeman--who has moved to the L.A. Dodgers. Parkview High School baseball coach Chan Brown does not mince words when describing the Braves’ new first baseman Matt Olson.

“I think he’s a face-of-the-franchise type guy.” Brown said.

Everywhere you look at Parkview High School’s baseball facility, there are pictures of state champions, national champions and players who have made it to the big leagues. Featured prominently is Matt Olson.

“You can see as a freshman he was going to be something special,” said Brown. “He was just an unbelievable player here.”

As we learn more about Matt Olson, fans will learn those closest to him, adore him on and off the field. They rave about his on-field talent.

“He takes a lot of pride in what he does defensively, and offensively the power numbers will be there, the RBIs will be there,” says his high school coach.

Olson hit 142 home runs during his time in Oakland. Truist Park should be a blast for him, according to Brown.

“We’ve already talked about, as a staff, making sure we see some games from the Chop House and seeing those home runs come out there hopefully.” said Brown.

Olson’s new contract is viewed with some mixed emotions by Braves fans. It meant saying goodbye to former MVP Freddie Freeman. Coach Brown wants everyone to know they are two separate players.

“There’s no replacing Freddie. Now this is a new era of Matt. The whole city of Atlanta must give him a chance. The more they buy into Matt Olson, on and off the field, they’ll see how special this player is.

“He is so excited about being here and can’t wait for the chance to show Atlanta who Matt Olson is.” He said.

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