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Radio booth erupts with excitement as Braves win NLCS

The trio couldn't hold their excitement, and the heartwarming moment was all captured on video.

ATLANTA — Braves Radio hosts packed out their belongings to watch Game 6 of the NCLS on Saturday once again from the radio booth.

Alongside Joe Simpson, a commentator and former professional Baseball player, Ben Ingram and Jonathan Chadwick sat attentively as the highly anticipated game commenced. 

They couldn't hide their excitement as it became apparent that the Braves would be the new champion of the National League and head to the World Series, and it was all captured on video. The team shared the heartwarming moment on Twitter.

All three visibly jolt when fireworks erupt from the ballpark, and the announcement that the Braves will be headed to the World Series is made.

The trio is captured rising from their seats as the players rush the field. Joe Simpson even lifts both his fists in the air in celebration. Then all three of them rejoice with an embrace.

"Love these guys and this team! Can’t wait to talk to you Tuesday night for game 1," Ingram responded in a Tweet

The clip has thousands of likes and shares on the social media platform, with fans reveling in the excitement.

"Love the emotion from Joe. Say what you will, he adopted this team in the 90s and is one of their biggest fans," one fan said in a Tweet.

Even Dodgers fans could appreciate it, saying the moment made them emotional. 

"I’m a Dodgers fan and this made me cry in a happy way. Congrats Braves! Go kick Houston’s *a**!," Nicole Stockdale wrote.

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