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Oddsmaker: Will the Atlanta Braves win the World Series?

The Atlanta Braves will face off against the Houston Astros on Sunday, Halloween. The odds show that it is a scary time to be an Astros fan.

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves are a win away from potentially making history, earning a momentous victory that the team has not achieved in 26 years – a World Series title. The odds are in, and Braves fans have a lot to be excited about.

The Braves will face off against the Houston Astros, the toughest offense of 2021, on Sunday, Halloween. As the Braves are now commanding a 3-1 lead over the Astros, Sunday’s Game 5 of the World Series may well be a decisive one. Statistically, it is a scary time to be an Astros fan.

The Braves were tied 1-1 against the Astros leading into Game 3 on Friday. Having sparked the Houston Astros for a tiebreaking win, the odds are now in the Braves' favor. As reported by Major League Baseball, teams that earn tiebreaking wins in Game 3 have a 65% chance of winning the World Series.

The Astros are now lagging behind 3-1 against the Braves following a 3-2 victory by the Atlanta natives in Game 4 on Saturday. Only 14 of the 90 teams that have fallen behind to 3-1 have returned to win a best-of-seven postseason series. Based on the previous 46 competing teams, the Braves' decisive lead has granted them an 87% chance of winning the 2021 World Series, according to MLB.

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It is also important to note that the Braves remain undefeated at home this postseason. Holding a 7-0 record at Atlanta’s Truist Park, the Braves will have an intimidating home-field advantage Halloween night. It all begs the question. Will the Atlanta Braves win the 2021 World Series? It could all certainly come to an end Sunday night. But, there is something electric in the air at Truist Park this Halloween. A 87% success rate is certainly not the same as a 100% success rate.

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It is the 2021 World Series, and absolutely anything can happen. With all of that in mind, it still seems like a scary time to be an Astros fan.

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