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MLB in discussions to start season as early as May in Arizona

The teams would stay in isolation and play

ATLANTA — A desire for sports has leagues getting creative. 

The WWE has been going on without fans, UFC has bought a private island for fights and Major League Baseball has a plan that could have the season starting as soon as May.

ESPN reported that the league is considering moving all 30 teams to Arizona where they would stay in isolation and play. 

"I just don't know that the facilities are there to hold 30 teams to simultaneously play their season in a manor that it would be beneficial for baseball to try that," Grant McAuley, of the Braves radio network, said. 

The teams would live in a bubble, completely isolated. Thousands of players, team officials and workers would be separated from their families to protect the team. Even if someone gets sick, the league may not shut down. Players would stay in quarantine hotels, stay 6-feet away from each other when they're not on the field. 

Another potential issue - the weather.

"I don't think it's anybody's plan A to go out in the middle of the desert in the middle of summer to try to play baseball games in the middle of the day," McAuley said.

Could it work? Other leagues, like the NFL, may be watching closely. 


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