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'Re-sign Freddie' gets standing ovation at Atlanta Braves World Series post-parade celebration

First baseman Freddie Freeman helped the Atlanta Braves in earning the 2021 World Series title. Now, however, the 2020 NL MVP is a free agent.

ATLANTA — Freddie Freeman is a staple part of the contemporary Atlanta Braves identity. During Friday's World Series win celebration, it was clear that Atlanta does not want to lose him. But, the free agent's next move within Major League Baseball is still unknown.

The Atlanta Braves clinched the 2021 World Series title after battling the Houston Astros to a 4-2 series victory. 

It was not an easy road. 

The team had a tough break at the beginning of the season, having suffered more than a few losses early on. The team lost All-Star outfielder Ronald Acuña, Jr. to an ACL tear during the season, later losing pitcher Charlie Morton in Game 1 of the World Series. But, the Atlanta Braves persevered.

Freddie Freeman played no small part in the Atlanta Braves' big World Series win. The first baseman has been an anchor for the team, both on and off the field. But, when Freeman cracked a home run to clinch the Commissioner's Trophy in Game 6, the 2020 NL MVP may have had his final at-bat for the Atlanta Braves. Freddie Freeman is now a free agent.

Freeman is coming off of a $135 million eight-year contract that scored the first baseman a massive $22 million base salary within just last year. While Freeman is a World Series winner, the Atlanta Braves star is also 32 years old. If Freeman negotiates a four-year or longer contract, it will likely be his final major contract within the MLB. It begs the question: can the Atlanta Braves, a team that traditionally has been more conservative with their spending, afford their first baseman for another major contract?

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During Friday's post-parade Atlanta Braves World Series win celebration at Truist Park, shortstop Dansby Swanson bellowed to the packed stadium crowd "Re-sign Freddie." As catcher Travis d’Arnaud chimed in, the request was met with a passionate ovation.

While Freddie Freeman's free agency is a proverbial cold bucket of water to many Atlanta Braves fans, there is good news as well. The first baseman is interested in sticking with the Peach State's World Series champions.

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"Do you wanna be here the rest of your career?" Frank Thomas asked Freddie Freeman during a Game 6 postgame interview.

"Everyone knows that answer," Freeman said. "Did I think I was gonna be sitting here with no contract after this? No, but everyone knows this is a crazy game, crazy business, but everyone knows where my heart is, and it's the Atlanta Braves. I've been here since I was 17 years old - almost half my life I've been in this organization - so I think everyone knows how my heart is... it means everything to put on that Braves uniform every day, so hopefully, I can continue to do that."

Atlanta is waiting with bated breath as Freddie Freeman's future with the Atlanta Braves continues to hang in the balance. 

But Atlanta baseball is still in a great place. After 26 long years, the Atlanta Braves are once again World Series winners. Whether Freeman will be a part of whatever comes next for the Peach State's MLB team is yet to be seen.