ATLANTA — It's now one of the largest banking companies in the world, but when you type the word "Truist" into Microsoft Word, spell check thinks you've made a mistake.

That's one reason why branding expert Mark Speece believes the bank struck out with the new name (and home of the Braves).

"Structurally, it's tough. Linguistically, it looks like and sounds like Trust or Truest, the real word," said Speece, the founder of StokeSignals, a branding firm based in Atlanta.

There are two audiences with the name Truist. There are bank customers and sports fans, though there is overlap among Braves fans.

"Bank customers are kind of reluctant, they don't care. Banks change names. There are mergers. That's been going on for decades," Speece said.

Truist Park
Renderings show what the new signage will look like at the newly-renamed Truist Park.
Atlanta Braves

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"Sports fans are a little bit different. They're going to complain. They're going to be more vocal. But they're still going to go to the stadium. They may call it SunTrust for awhile. They may call it Braves stadium for awhile."

Truist said they worked with marketing experts to develop the name. The name, according to the company, combines the stories and missions of BB&T and SunTrust, the two banks that merged.

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The Braves had stadium stability for more than three decades.

From 1966 to 1996 they played at Fulton County Stadium.

In 1997, the team moved a block a way to Turner Field, where they stayed until 2016. 2017 was the year the team moved to Cobb County and SunTrust Park. 

Next season, the team opens up at Truist Park. Truist owns the naming rights for the next two decades.

"If I had to bet, yes, within 20 years there will be another name change," said Speece.

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