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Will Smith's high school baseball coach says he owes the Braves player a cheesecake

The Newnan native threw the final pitch in an iconic moment in Braves history.

ATLANTA — Tuesday night's final out on the mound by Braves closer and Newnan native Will Smith will forever be an iconic moment in Braves history. The hometown hero closed out a game that broke an over 20-year streak of not being able to clinch a World Series title.

Now, one of Smith's biggest fans is saying he's always known that the pitcher was destined for big things.

“Will hit 15 home runs his senior year and he played first base," Smith’s high school baseball coach, Greg Hamilton, explained.

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The now retired high school baseball coach at Northgate High School said he's stayed close with the reliever over the years and adds he's expecting a call soon.

“As soon as he gets back, he’s going to call my wife about a blueberry cheesecake. Because when you win or a hit home, you’d get a blueberry cheesecake," Hamilton explained.

Smith's former coach added that the pitcher's dedication and commitment are unmatched, "he worked hard, wanted to win, and he demanded that from everyone else on the team too.”

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Years from now when videos air of the 2021 Braves final out, it will be Smith on the mound delivering that final pitch and his coach said that's something pretty special.

"Newnan is just so proud of him," said Hamilton, who added he's got one little piece of coaching advice for Will for the future, "just do it again...and just don’t let nobody out work you."

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