Trae Young and Grayson Allen will undoubtedly be lightning rods of attention as NBA rookies, given their high-profile entrance into the league.

In that vein, it only makes sense they would come together for a tussle that went viral—in a hurry.

On Thursday night, during a Summer League game in Salt Lake City, the Atlanta Hawks' Young and Utah Jazz's Allen literally got tangled up during a three-point attempt from Young; and from there, things got a little hairy, even if there was no actual fighting on hand.


With Allen supplying tight coverage around the perimeter, he got his arms inside of Young's torso during the shot attempt; and when the Hawks rookie came down, the former Oklahoma star semi-violently pulled down on Allen with a shoulder throw.

Allen then responded by bull-rushing his away through Young, lowering his head and ramming up against the No. 5 overall pick, while also feigning an attempt to exit the skirmish, without provoking anything.

There might have also been a high elbow from Allen (while simultaneously trying to walk away) ... which didn't connect.

This prompted some players and staffers from both benches to clear things up, before any punches could be thrown.

Was this all much ado about nothing? Meh. It likely ranked somewhere between 'harmless pushing' and 'escalation catalyst.'

Either way, it was enough to have Allen trending No. 1 nationally around 11:45 p.m. EST.

For those who have been living under a rock for the last three years, Allen carved out a reputation for being a borderline-dirty player at Duke. His nationally televised incidents ranged from being extra-physical on defense after the whistle (similar to the Young skirmish) ... to outright tripping opponents during live action.

Hence, the Twitter obsession with Thursday's rookie tango.