The SEC powers-that be, namely Kirby Smart, Nick Saban and league commissioner Greg Sankey, went into full Politician Mode on Saturday night, defending Georgia's honor as a College Football Playoff-worthy team.

In turn, the national media soon took the proverbial line and carried it into the end zone. 

The UGA calls of support were so strong ... that many pundits declared the Bulldogs should move up to No. 3, since no other elite team–in a parallel universe–would ever possess a two-touchdown lead against big, bad Alabama.

Well, the CFP committee had its final say ... and here are the results.

1) Alabama
2) Clemson
3) Notre Dame
4) Oklahoma

5) Georgia
6) Ohio State

ORANGE BOWL: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

COTTON BOWL: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

CLEMONS: Projecting the final College Football Playoff rankings

7) Michigan
8) UCF
9) Florida
10) Washington
11) LSU
12) Penn State
13) Washington State
14) Kentucky
15) Texas
16) West Virginia
17) Utah
18) Mississippi State
19) Texas A&M
20) Syracuse
21) Fresno State 
22) Northwestern
23) Missouri
24) Iowa State
25) Missouri