Did you catch Geoff Collins' introductory press conference on Friday night, with the new head coach selling the long-term vision of the program to the media ... knowing this message would quickly reach the Rambling Wreck fans, players and prospective recruits?

It was quite a scene along The Flats.

First, the media session was delayed roughly two hours, as the coach made the inclement-weather flight from Philadelphia (Collins was formerly the head coach at Temple) to his native area of metro Atlanta.

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CLEMONS: Geoff Collins meets the Atlanta media at G-Tech presser

Secondly, upon taking the microphone hand-off from Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury, Collins then went into full salesman mode, invoking passion, charm and boldness into every scripted and non-scripted word.

Which brings us to this: Was Collins trolling his ACC brethren with the following clip, discussing how Georgia Tech players/prospective recruits will have the opportunity to get a 'meaningful degree'?

And what about this gem, where Collins declared that Friday's presser would be the last time anyone caught him using a red pen.

Why red? 

If you're living in the state of Georgia ... you shouldn't require an answer to the question.

Here's the clip of Collins (15-10 overall record at Temple) playfully denouncing all things red, inside the Georgia Tech offices.